Uncovering The Artist Within

I began experimenting with making silverware jewelry back in 2010 after discovering a display of spoon rings on a walk through Kensington Market in Toronto. I remember thinking, How cool! What a great way to re-invent a thing of beauty that is no longer being used! Immediately, I took an interest in the concept of “up-cycling” (re-using or transforming an object in a way that creates a product of higher value than the original) because it deeply resonated with a philosophy and a way of life that I was striving to adopt.

How I Developed My Creativity

Before I started ReLOVED, I worked as a nutritionist and lived in Toronto with my husband, Ben, and our two children. I decided to purchase some basic jewelry making equipment, just for fun, and began collecting old silverware to experiment with in my spare time. The craft quickly became my passion.

It wasn’t until a year later, after resigning from my position in the city and moving to Muskoka Canada, that I decided to take the leap and turn my passion into a career. Having grown up in Muskoka the transition came easily, and the peace and beauty of the landscape really enabled me to come “home” to myself as well. ReLOVED Creations was born.

While collecting and making is still a big part of my work, I have also become known for the custom “wearlooms” I create for individuals with silver collections of their own.  I just think it is a shame that so often these beautiful old silverware and hollowware collections aren’t being used anymore. Nobody seems to want to take time to carefully wash and polish these days, however, the task is far less daunting once the silver has been transformed into jewelry! I love to work with these pieces of sentimental value and history and give them a second life.

Jewelry isn’t the only thing that I’m up to these days. My expertise has evolved and expanded into creating more elaborate art pieces and home decor items, as well. Through a change in perspective, a set of forks might become a candleholder, or knives transformed into the tail feathers of a bird. Every piece I create with evolves as I dust it off and re-imagine its beauty. The sky is the limit!