Custom Work

Handmade One-of-a-Kind Pieces


Although stocking my regular inventory keeps me quite busy, I make sure to carve out some time every year to challenge myself and create something new and inspired. The scope of my work keeps widening and my portfolio continues to grow!

Silverware is an interesting and challenging medium to work with. The pieces with which I use to create my art have a history and often, it seems, a “mind” of their own. 

As I work with these materials, I pay careful attention to how they they feel in my hands and how they bend as I intuit what their potential for transformation is. Certain materials, like sterling (925) and coin (800) silver are quite soft and because they are uniform throughout, the possibilities seem endless. Others, like silver-plated nickel, copper and brass are more difficult to work with and I have to compromise my expectations. In those cases I am the one who must become pliable!

Regardless, All of these silver pieces once had a “life” of their own before they came to me and I do my best to honour that in my own way.

Sometimes the silver I work with might have a beautiful, ornate pattern, and other times it may be very plain.That doesn’t matter! I can bend, shape, cut and rework it into something re-lovable.

Here are some special pieces I've completed over the last several years.

Big Blue

18" x 24" - up-cycled silver teapot and assorted flatware

Tea-light holder

5"x6" - up-cycled assorted silver flatware


18" x 18" - up-cycled assorted silver flatware

Forks Bracelet

up-cycled from silver dinner forks

The Guardian

22" x 19" x 11" - Barn Owl sculpture up-cycled from assorted silver hollowware and flatware

Strawberry Fork Ring

Sterling silver and freshwater pearl

True Nature

14" x 13" x 7" - Wolf mask up-cycled from assorted silver flatware

Twin Pines

Hand cut silver spoon pendant


18" x 20" - Crow scultpure up-cycled from assort silver flatware

Wind Chime

One example of many I have made over the years. Each up-cycled from assorted hollowware, ie. teapots, gravy boats, goblets, sugar and cream dishes....with added forks, spoons and beads.

Bob Bon Spoon Pendant

Up-cycled from a vintage silver bon bon spoon, this custom piece was a special heirloom that belonged to a client.

Song and Dance

40" x 50" - Loons sculpture up-cycled from various silver trays, dishes and flatware pieces